A little more about what we do


Have questions about what it takes to make coffee? We’d love to teach you how to home brew the perfect cuppa Joe!

What all do we cover? Shoot us a message on our Contact page to get a class list.


Are you located in Middle Tennessee? Check out our private events and corporate catering!

If you’re interested in carrying private labeled coffee for your festivals or conferences, let’s chat about contract roasting options. Send us a message and let us know when your next event or festival is and work on a plan to get there!

Contract Roasting

Want to have something unique and roasted for your clients, brewery, or restaurant? We can do that! Contact us to learn about packaging options and how we roast custom blends. Minimum order is 10 pounds of roasted beans. We ship within the continental United States.

Would you like to carry Pumphrey and Beard Coffee in your shop, restaurant, or hotel for your guests? Share your vision with us to get started with a quote.